Republican Voters Against Trump ad: ‘End Trump’s American Carnage’


A group of disaffected Republicans opposed to President Donald Trump is urging voters to end his “American carnage” by voting him out of office in November. And it is airing an ad on Trump’s propaganda network, Fox News aka Trump TV where he is certain to see it.

The Huffington Post reports, GOP Group Scorches Trump On Fox News With Call To End His ‘American Carnage’:

Republican Voters Against Trump ― a campaign that launched last week to highlight the voices of disaffected party members ― is running an ad this week on “Fox & Friends” [the three dolts on a divan] that uses the president’s own words against him. The spot is centered around a line from his inauguration: “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” which has taken on new meaning amid a deadly pandemic, economic depression and nationwide civil unrest:

“As demonstrations and riots roil the country, he is only dividing us, rather than uniting us,” Sarah Longwell, the group’s spokesperson, said in a statement. “President Trump owns this American carnage. It’s time to stop the bleeding.”

Defending Democracy Together, a group of “Never Trump” conservatives including commentator Bill Kristol, created Republican Voters Against Trump. It is among several groups on the right ― including the Lincoln Project, which was co-founded by attorney George Conway and GOP strategists Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt ― targeting the president as the election approaches.

The attacks have been getting under Trump’s skin. Last month, he lashed out at Kristol, Conway and others, saying “these are losers, from day one.”

Kristol replied “I’m well aware that many individuals of far greater distinction have been called losers, and worse, by Donald Trump. Yet, without being presumptuous, may I say that I wear his scorn as a badge of honor?”

Maybe their next ad should be “not in our name” focusing on the occupation of Washington, D.C. by the U.S. military.

UPDATE: Yet another Republicans for Biden group: former officials from the Bush/Cheney administration have reportedly created a super PAC to help boost Biden’s 2020 campaign. It’s called 43 Alumni For Biden and it will be led in part by Karen Kirksey, a former Treasury Department official. (h/t Steve Benen).


  1. It’s certainly good news that some Republicans are waking up but they have been enablers all along and should go too.

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