Republicans’ day of shame holding America hostage for the “two percenters”

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Last week all 42 Republican senators signed a letter stating that they would hold America hostage and not allow any legislation to pass unless and until the Congress acceded to their extortionary demand to first approve an extension of tax cuts for the über-rich clientel they serve, the "two percenters." On Thursday, these Republican insurrectionists made good on their threat in the U.S. Senate.

A press release from the Arizona Democratic Party summarizes the Republicans' shameful misconduct:

Shame on Kyl, McCain, rest of Senate GOP

Despicable legislative assault on 9/11 heroes, servicemembers, youth and seniors

Today's New York Times editorial calls Thursday "one of the most shameful days in the modern history of the Senate."

We agree.

Over and over again, Senate Republicans upheld their disturbing pledge to block all legislation — no matter how important, no matter who it helps — until tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires were safely extended.

They blocked medical help for 9/11 heroes — thousands of emergency workers and volunteers who became ill from the ground zero cleanup after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

They blocked a vote to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, a policy that unfairly targets gay servicemembers. Their obstructionism — led by a flip-flopping Sen. John McCain — persists even though top military brass and Defense Department leaders, along with the majority of servicemembers, are in favor of repeal.

They blocked progress on the DREAM Act — legislation that will help hard-working young people earn a path to legal status by serving in the military or attending college. Republicans like McCain were eager to use immigration as a campaign wedge issue but are hypocritically refusing to show leadership in the legislative arena.

They blocked a $250 cost-of-living adjustment for seniors on Social Security by stopping supplemental payment legislation.

And next week, they are expected to block ratification of the  New START Treaty. Their obstructionism — led by Sen. Jon Kyl — persists even though the treaty is supported by the entire U.S. military leadership, six former secretaries of State, five former secretaries of Defense, three former national security advisers and seven former commanders of the U.S.Strategic Command.

"Nobody is shocked when Republicans fight for the rich," said Luis Heredia, Arizona Democratic Party executive director. "But their actions against 9/11 heroes, servicemembers, young people and seniors are reaching a shocking new low."



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  1. Maybe you should inform yourself before rushing to demonstrate your ignorance once again. All of these measures have already passed in the House, they were blocked in the Senate by a Republican filibuster, not on the merits, but because of Republicans holding America hostage over tax cuts for the “two percenters.” All of the measures received a majority vote and would have become law BUT FOR the undemocratic, and I believe unconstitutional Senate filibuster rules.

  2. Shoot man, one would think that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi never had an opportunity to schedule a vote for any of the above pieces of legislation. I am under the impression that the Democrats with majorities in both the House and Senate have only now gotten around to bringing these pieces of legislation to the floors of Congress.

    If any or all of these bills are so wonderful one wonders why they weren’t brought up for a vote PRIOR to the election.

    On the topic of $250 so-called cost-of-living adjustment where is the concern about deficit spending? Money doesn’t just appear to pay for such checks for seniors, it arrives via taxation or borrowing, not on a sleigh from Santa Claus.

    Faux John Boehner really did hear the American people when they told him “Stop the tax hikes. Stop the spending.” It is clear that a certain lobby just isn’t listening.