Self-absorbed nihilist Ted ‘Calgary’ Cruz fake filibusters for the FAUX cameras

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Steve Benen sums up well the GOP carnival sideshow going on in the U.S. Senate right now:

Ass-hat* If Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was eager to solidify his reputation as a
self-absorbed show horse, indifferent to policymaking but obsessed with
parading for the cameras, today was his lucky day.

* For what it's worth, as a technical matter, Cruz's little stunt is not a filibuster. (It's also not really
about the Affordable Care Act — the right-wing Texan is basically just
whining incessantly about legislative procedure surrounding the health
care law.)

* Cruz's tantrum, which is apparently being done with Fox News specifically in mind, has already featured the senator likening his doubters to Nazi appeasers. Classy.

Even WaPo conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin says Ted Cruz’s ‘filibuster’ isn’t really a filibuster.

Yesterday, the Septegenarian Ninja Turtle, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said this isn't going to happen.

This is the result of the conservative media entertainment complex taking over the GOP and providing a soap box to every narcissistic, self-absorbed nihilist like Ted "Calgary" Cruz and the "Quitta from Wasilla," Sarah Palin.

The responsible media — if one exists any longer — has an obligation to destroy this dangerous demagogue before he can do real harm.

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