Sen. John McCain to vote against Judge Sotomayor – what a surprise (not)

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain told CNN's John King that he had not yet made up his mind on how he would vote for confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. Liar.

Sen. McCain announced today that he will vote against confirmation of Judge Sotomayor – what a surprise (not). McCain To Oppose Sotomayor For Supreme Court

Republican Sen. John McCain says he'll oppose Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor when the Senate votes on her confirmation this week.

The Arizona senator calls Sotomayor a judicial activist who tried to walk back from that record during her confirmation hearings. He says President Barack Obama's nominee has used her position as a judge to try to change the law.

McCain is one of several Republicans from states with heavily Hispanic populations to come out against Sotomayor, the daughter of Puerto Rican parents raised in a New York City housing project and educated in the Ivy League.

McCain says Sotomayor's life story is inspiring and compelling, but he says that's not enough to qualify her for a position on the high court.

Sen. McCain joins Sen. John Kyl in voting against Judge Sotomayor, just as they did in October 1998 when they voted against confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Arizona's twin embarassments making Arizona proud (sarcasm).

UPDATE: Is this how Sen. McCain proposes that the GOP Reach out to Hispanics?

Sen. John McCain warned that unless Republicans make a strong effort to reach out to Hispanics, the party will continue to be left behind. The Arizona Republican also said that under certain conditions he would work with President Obama on immigration reform.

There's a quote for Chris Simcox and his Minutemen to go crazy over. Instead of reaching out to Hispanics, McCain opted to cover his ass from attacks on his right flank in the GOP primary. Not a man of his convictions, is he?

6 responses to “Sen. John McCain to vote against Judge Sotomayor – what a surprise (not)

  1. Sotomayor’s testimony was as non-revealing as those of all recent nominees. That certainly is not a reason to vote against her. She’s the most qualified candidate in many years. Someone’s bias is showing!

  2. If there are GOP fringe voters that can’t identify a moderate Republican (McCain) from an immoderate Republican (Simcox) then they are beyond help.

  3. BTW, the only reason McCain is voting against Judge Sotomayor is because he has a GOP senate primary opponent, Chris Simcox from the anti-immigrant Minutemen organization. McCain doesn’t want to give Simcox any red meat for the GOP fringe with which to out-flank him on the far right. It is purely a self-serving political calculation. Typical McCain.

  4. Hmm, none of the judges confirmed in recent years have discussed their judicial philosophy, in particular Roberts and Alito. Had Congress pressed them, maybe others outside of the legal profession would have known that they would prove to be conservative judicial activists on the court, the most activist court since the first-half of the Rehnquist court. It came as no surprise to me – that’s why they were selected.

    And Posner? Please. He is the poster boy for judicial activism from the bench. He is a political activist posing as a judge, the worst offense of all.

  5. McCain’s credibility on ANYTHING was seriously damaged when he picked an incredibly, unqualified Sarah Palin as his running mate. His decisions are seriously flawed.

  6. There is a good reason to vote against Sotomayor, and this is not it.

    What’s that good reason? In the Senate hearings she gave no hint whatsoever of her “judicial philosophy”, of how she thinks about law, and she very blatantly dodged such questions, in a way that should have insulted the Senators’ intelligence. Nor did she give any hint of being a deep thinker about the law.

    She’s no Harriet Meiers, but she’s no Sunnstein or Posner, either.