Smug Satisfaction


A year or so ago I wrote this post: Face to Face With an Angry One Percenter. The post was about a one percenter (in all likelihood, a point one percenter) I encountered at a cocktail party who was screaming mad about the share of the income tax paid by the top one percent, but it turned out he didn’t know what the income share of the one percent was. Think about that.

So, this one percenter and I have a mutual friend, who told me last month that the one pereenter was very excited about Donald Trump’s impending candidacy, because we’d have “a businessman in the Whitehouse.” I kind of chuckled.

Yesterday, I asked the mutual friend if our angry one percenter still was a Trump supporter, half expecting the answer to be no. But, no, our one percent friend reportedly is an even more solid backer of Trump at this point. This time, I didn’t chuckle. I burst out laughing.

To quote someone for whom I have undying respect, Bugs Bunny, “What a Maroon!”


  1. Trump has as much opportunity to be the Republican nominee as I do, much less being the President. But he does make an interesting candidate if you don’t take him seriously.

    P.S. – I pray that Republicans are not so stupid that I have to eat my words about his becoming the nominee, but then again I don’t see much else running so far…

  2. With a multiple bankruptcy history, Trump isn’t exactly a great model of business acumen – just great at shielding himself from his failures via bankruptcy laws.

  3. I am not a commodity. The business model is for business ventures and fails every time when applied to academics and medicine. It is never a “sure” thing and does not take into account all the possible variables.

    • I agree. we are not commodities, but I was confused as to what you trying to state. Will you elaborate a little bit?

  4. Former presidents who have a reputation for being successful businessmen have sorry records when it comes to the national economy. The most recent example is George W. Bush. The notion that business persons make good government leaders is myth. One sees this myth and its associated “business model” being extended more and more into academic and medical administration, where members of the teaching and medical professions are increasingly being replaced by graduates of business schools along with the treatment of students and patients as “consumers”. Ugh!

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