Tea-Publican Congress to vote to repeal ‘ObamaCare’ again to satisfy freshman teabaggers


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

The TanMan, Weeper of the House John Boehner, the "Worst. Speaker. Ever.", has scheduled a vote in Congress this week to repeal "ObamaCare," not that the 39th time will be the charm, but because freshman Tea Party ideologues who have not had their chance to vote to repeal "ObamaCare" want their opportunity to vote against "ObamaCare," because it makes 'em feel good.

The Hill reported, ObamaCare repeal vote next week in House:

In a nod to the right, House Republican leaders will once again seek to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law next week.

decision, announced Wednesday by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
(R-Va.), represents a shift by top Republicans in the lower chamber.

the 2012 election, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said ObamaCare is the
“law of the land” while Cantor indicated Republicans should torpedo
parts of the health overhaul. 

But conservative rank-and-file
members balked, saying freshman GOP members should have the opportunity
to vote on a full repeal measure. Republican leaders agreed.

The floor vote next week could help Cantor and Republican leaders move
forward with a stalled bill that would seek to revise a portion of the
Affordable Care Act. That legislation, opposed by the White House and
some conservatives, was pulled from the floor because it didn’t have the

The repeal vote could give some on the right political
cover to back the ObamaCare fix bill, which is opposed by Club for
Growth. But it might not be enough. 

The repeal bill is not going
anywhere in a Democratic-controlled Senate. Democrats quickly accused
the GOP of wasting time on debates that have been settled by the
election. Next week’s vote will be the 37th time House Republicans have
voted to repeal all or part of the health law.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) last month said freshmen should get the
chance to support full repeal before casting votes that could be seen by
constituents as “fixing” the law.

And there it is . . . Tea-Publicans are afraid of their GOP crazy base who are followers of the conservative media entertainment complex cult.

Many conservatives have taken an all-or-nothing approach to repeal,
despite the practical impossibility of scrapping the whole law while
Obama is in the White House.

Leadership, meanwhile, initially
looked for a way to keep up the pressure on Democrats without appearing
to be stuck in the political battles of 2010. But that tack didn’t fly,
forcing Boehner and Cantor to pivot. 

Tension in the GOP
Conference was on full display in April when Cantor backed a bill to
increase funding for the health law’s high-risk insurance pools by
cutting its fund for prevention programs.

Cantor subsequently postponed the vote, sparking more headlines of divisiveness among House GOP lawmakers.

Note: Steve Benen says "By my count it's 39 times, but I've seen other credible counts that put the total a little higher or a little lower."

The GOP crazy train has run off the rails again.