Thanksgiving Day is being obliterated as a national holiday by Christmas Inc.


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In an earlier life, I worked in retail management. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I would work a double shift, ten days on and one day off. That's maybe three days off, depending on when Thanksgiving fell on the calendar. But at least I got Thanksgiving and Christmas off (before returning to the day after Christmas returns until New Years Eve).

a number of years ago, retailers began eliminating New Year's Day as a day off. Several years ago some retailers (ahem, Kmart) began eliminating Thanksgiving Day as a day off. Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, but it is being obliterated as a national holiday by Christmas Inc.

(Christmas Inc. has also intruded on Halloween with retailers putting both Halloween and Christmas items side-by-side as early as Labor Day).

Isn't the insanity of the "Black Friday" greed fest enough for people? The media villagers feed this frenzy with stories about the fools camped out in parking lots a week in advance, the crush of frenzied shoppers breaking down doors in stampedes, chirpy reporters doing live remotes in the early morning to promote advertisers, etc. There have been people trampled to death, and there are always shootings and the occasional riot that breaks out as people fight over "limited supplies" during "limited hours" sales. Do we really want this kind of behavior on Thanksgiving Day, for godssake?

Ellen Gallinski writes at Time, Don't Go Shopping on Thanksgiving. Just Don't.

There’s been a lot of outrage over Macy’s — the retailer most synonymous with Thanksgiving and family with its parade of floats — deciding to open its stores on the day when we are supposed to give thanks. Petitions have cropped up online against other retailers like Target and Walmart lobbying them to stay closed on Thanksgiving.

But there’s an easier way to take a stand. You don’t have to sign a petition or go out and protest in front of stores. All you have to do is do something else on Thanksgiving Day other than opening your wallet.

Clearly, there are many people who have to work on Thanksgiving, including emergency workers in health care, utilities and other essential services, but early holiday shopping is not essential. Consumers have a choice about shopping, but employees in these stores may not have a choice about whether to work or not.

As a society, we’ve agreed that most of America’s workforce should have key holidays — in this case just one day — to be with family and friends, or just to take a breather from work. Holidays are also up there with vacation days as critical to keeping employees healthy and productive, more so than ever.

* * *

[W]hat I want to do is encourage people to look at the bigger work-life picture. Giving up our holidays can negatively impact our well-being and our personal and family lives. Creating traditions with our children and continuing traditions with our elders can also suffer. More important, it further erodes the already faint distinction between our work and our personal lives[.]

Some companies seem to realize that this trend has larger implications and remain Turkey Day–selling holdouts. Costco, often cited as an employee-friendly company, is one of those. This article from includes a list of seven retailers bucking the trend. One of the retailers mentioned in the piece includes P.C. Richard & Son. A statement on the company’s blog sums up why opening stores on Thanksgiving or shopping at stores that are open on that day may not be a good thing.

It is our opinion that retailers who choose to open on Thanksgiving Day show no respect to their employees and families, and are in total disrespect of family values in the United States of America.

While that may sound a little moralistic, in the end, it really is about values, although not necessarily the obvious ones. It’s about keeping the ever encroaching workweek at bay and preserving the notion that we are all entitled to some rest and rejuvenation.

There is an online campaign, a Facebook page called "Say No To Shopping On Thanksgiving" asking people to pledge that they will spend time with their families on Thanksgiving instead of getting their Christmas shopping done early. Everyone deserves a holiday, the pledge says. Pledge NOT TO SHOP ON Thanksgiving Day! – The Petition Site.

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