The City of Tucson Hires Buro Happold to Help Develop its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Since Tucson Mayor Regina Romero took office in 2019, she and the Tucson City Council have taken many steps to modernize, enhance, and revolutionize the city’s infrastructure and green energy sustainability features. These steps include:

  • Developing and updating an Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap. This has helped lead to the start of installing electric charging stations throughout Phoenix.
  • Referring an extension of Proposition 411 to Tucson residents that, if approved, will help fund infrastructure improvements.
  • Launching and implementing the Tucson Million Tree Drive.
  • Promoting the expansion of public and school electric buses.
  • Supporting an Amtrak Railway Line connecting Tucson and Phoenix.
  • Presiding over the development of the Central Tucson PFAS Project Groundwater Treatment Pilot Demonstration which will help remove PFAS water from the local community.

On February 23, 2022, Mayor Romero and the Tucson City Council took the next step in formalizing the city’s overall climate action and adaptation plan by retaining the services of the consulting and engineering firm of Buro Happold to assist in finalizing its development.

An international organization that specializes in sustainability, cities and infrastructure, and engineering and design, Buro Happold has already helped develop an electric roadmap for New York and a countywide sustainability plan for Los Angeles.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero behind the wheel of one of Tucson’s new electric busses. Photo from Mayor Romero’s Twitter account.

In making the announcement, Mayor Romero stated in a press release:

“In the last year alone, we have taken concrete steps to achieve the goals outlined in our Climate Emergency Declaration, including making sure our buildings are EV-ready, adding electric buses to our transit fleet, and planting thousands of trees. Building off this work, we have brought onboard Buro Happold to help shape our Climate Action Plan and create a more livable, vibrant, and healthy Tucson.”

Buro Happold will be paid $206,000 for their services. An additional $190,000 has been set aside for subcontractors and other expenses.

According to the press release by the Mayor’s office, Buro Happold will partially draw on existing data, surveys, plans, and feedback to formulate and finalize the climate and adaption plan by December, 2022.

Please click below for the full press release and the current Climate and Adaption Implementation Efforts.

02.23.22 – Climate Action Plan Announcement

City of Tucson Climate Action Planning and Implementation Efforts