The people speak: SB 1070 has had a negative effect on Arizona

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The East Valley Tribune published a week-long series entitled "SB 1070: A Year Later." There is an online (unscientific) poll One year after SB 1070 was signed, how do you see its impact on Arizona? which as of the time of this post has an interesting result:


UPDATE: The Arizona Republic today has its own look back on SB 1070, Arizona immigration law: A look at bill's impact 1 year later. In an editorial opinion, the Republic concludes that SB 1070 has been a costly failure:

A year later, SB 1070 looks like a big, expensive con. It brought us boycotts, lost business, a sullied reputation, another court battle and a betrayal of Arizona's heritage.

Oh, yes. And it did nothing to make the border safer or reduce illegal immigration.

The national spotlight made Arizona look like a place where extremism is the norm. International media lapped up each outrageous statement from SB 1070 supporters. Comedians ripped a hole in the state's dignity bigger than the Grand Canyon.

* * *

Illegal immigration is a national problem this state law could not begin to address. SB 1070 was so clearly an intrusion into federal jurisdiction that key provisions were halted by federal District Court Judge Susan Bolton before they took effect. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that injunction, with noted conservative Judge John Noonan agreeing that provisions of SB 1070 are unconstitutional.

More legal battles lie ahead. They will sap state resources and keep Arizona in an unflattering spotlight.

* * *

[T]he state bought into a false promise that remains a colossal mistake a year later.

Of course, the woman who wrapped herself in the hatred of SB 1070 and demagogued on fear mongering over nonexistent headless bodies in the desert and a nonexistent crime wave caused by "illegals" to get elected governor disagrees. SB 1070 is now a potent symbol. "It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I signed into law Senate Bill 1070." (giggle!) Jan Brewer is reprehensible.

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  1. “The national spotlight made Arizona look like a place where extremism is the norm.”
    ROTFL. Look like a place where extremism is the norm? Look like?

    Only the Republic would believe that it “looks like” extremism.

  2. SB1070 a costly failure, Tax cuts for wealthy a costly failure (past 8 years and into the future (State and Fed)), there is no financial balancing act that can restore stability under these conditions.
    This destruction will be playing out each year until someone wakes up and stops politicizing every issue and realizes that when you reduce revenue (starve the Government), there is only a manufactured spending problem. This recession was manufactured and the dice were thrown by those who are untouchable.