Think Trump-Arpaio is a Scary Combo? In Israel They’d Be Moderates


Interestingly, a friend of mine and staunch Israel supporter posted this photo on Facebook, along with her statement that it was the “scariest photo she’d seen in a while”:



So I wonder, where would Trump and Arpaio stand on the “scary spectrum” in Israel? How would they be perceived if standing next to Ayelet Shaked and Moshe Feiglin, both members of the Israeli Knesset.

Shaked, who Netanyahu appointed as Justice Minister, roughly equivalent to our Attorney General, posted the following passage on her Facebook page, twice, last summer:

Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.

Feiglin, the deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset, called for the conquest of the Gaza strip and the shipment of its residents across the world. Among other tactics to accomplish this mission, Feiglin believed that the supply of power and water to Gaza should be disconnected before shelling it with maximum firepower. He called for the creation of camps where civilians in Gaza could be “concentrated” before being deported. Sound familiar?

The bottom line? Stand Trump and Arpaio next to some of Israel’s politicians, and they’d be far from scary. They’d be moderates.


  1. Given your reference to the concentration camps, do you give a pass to the Palestinians for their frequent praise of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, the concentration camps and the final solution, while lamenting that Hitler was unable to go far enough in his extermination of the Jews?

    Just a couple of weeks ago, the Al Kitab newspaper ran almost a full page editorial on how foolish it was of the Allies to have stopped the concentration before they finished their job and how today those same Allies all regret having to deal with the foul Jews that live amongst them.

    I normally don’t respond when you discuss Israeli/Palestinian issues because I know how strongly you support the Palestinians. In this case, though, I thought I would point out something that you might have missed. Ordinarily, the Palestinians do not discuss their admiration for Hitler except in Arabic because they know westerners are unlikely to translate it. Anyway, I just wanted to solicit your opinion on it…

    • Steve, you’re attempting to invoke false equivalencies. Of course members of an oppressed, occupied population will lash out verbally against their occupiers/oppressors. Do you think Native Americans were heaping praise on the white population in the 1880’s?

      I used to say the same things as you, Steve. I invoked the same false equivalencies. But they’re based on entirely hollow logic. For a Palestinian who’s been tortured by the Israeli police, or lost half his family members to Israeli bombing, or can’t see his family members because he’s in Hebron and they’re in Gaza, it’s kind of natural to have those feelings, don’t you think?

      • We are 180-degrees out on our opinions and our opinions come from different places. Mine comes from spending a large part of my life in that part of the world, and yours comes (I believe) from an enormous amount of study and reading on the subject as well as your natural sympathy for the underdog. I am not certain either is the better way, but in this case it led us to different places.

        The Palestinians have been victims of every country in the Middle East, and not just Israel. When I was in Jordan, a Jordanian Officer took me to see a couple of the Palestinian Refugee Camps they had set up. He was rather proud of them for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was the Camps showed the Jordanian capacity for compassion for fellow Muslims in need. And, indeed, the Camps, though austere and spartan, were adequate and reasonably clean by Middle Eastern standards. But they were no place to raise families or build futures, which was the second reason he was pleased with them. In keeping them lean and hungry, the Palestinians remained focused on Israel as the reason they had no homeland. I asked the Major why Jordan just didn’t expand the Camps and allow the Palestinians to form a new homeland there, as Jordan had done before for other Arab communities and the Bedouin populations. Now this Major was a member of the Royal Family, and a good friend of mine, so I am certain he told me the truth when he said that keeping the Palestinians in Camps made them useful in harassing the Israelis. In other words, Jordan used the Palestinians as surrogates to keep fighting Israel. I found the same thing spoken of in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait and Yemen. All of them provide money and supplies to the Palestinians to keep up the fight and the Palestinians keep obliging, sending their children to die in a lop sided fight with Israel.

        The Israelis are in a constant fight for their very existence. They are harsh and brutal in doing so. I have read the history books and I know that Israel came in existence as a result of terrorism. Whatever happened before, they do exist now and – until Iran develops the true “Islamic Bomb” – they will continue to exist. The Palestinians are not strong enough to defeat them, nor are they militarily savvy enough to develop the tactics necessary to defeat them, so this current bloody impasse will continue for a long time.

        Even if the United States stopped supporting Israel, Israel would continue to dominate the Middle East because Arabs really do not fight wars very well. That is not a criticism, it is just reality. But once Iran builds the bomb, all bets are off…THAT is when the Middle East will become unstable and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict will become a moot point.

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