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I really hate doing breaking news stories because the media invariably gets so much wrong. While I checked multiple sources yesterday, even multiple sourcing proved to be wrong. Even Boston's police chief got it wrong in his first press conference.

So here is the latest update from the Boston Globe today correcting earlier reporting. Investigators find bomb circuit board:

Investigators combing through the aftermath of the deadly Boston
Marathon terrorist attack have recovered a circuit board in the area of
one of the two blasts that they believe was used to detonate the bombs,
according to an official briefed on the investigation.

Investigators have also recovered components of the bombs, enabling
them to determine what they consisted of: two 6-liter 'Pressure cooker' bombs
packed with nails, ball bearings, and other metal. The makeshift bombs
were placed in black duffel bags, the official said.

The one that exploded first was placed on the ground on Boylston
Street, across from finish-line viewing stands where dignitaries,
including Governor Deval Patrick, had been sitting earlier. The second
bag was placed on the ground about 75 to 100 yards down the street,
outside the Forum restaurant at 755 Boylston St., according to the

The bombs, detonated about 12 seconds apart, killed three people and
injured 176 others, including 17 who are still in critical condition.

Eight-year-old Martin Richard of Boston was one of those killed in the
attack. A second person who died in the blast was also identified today.
She was Krystle Campbell, 29, of Arlington, her grandmother said. The
name of the third person killed was not released.

* * *

Law enforcement officials renewed their pleas this morning to the public
to provide them with video and photographic evidence that could provide
clues in the two bombings shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

The officials spoke at a Westin Copley Place hotel news conference
that was attended by a host of other Massachusetts law enforcement
officials and political leaders, including the mayor, the governor, and
the state’s two US senators.

Officials there emphasized that, contrary to rumors and reports on
Monday, no other explosive devices had been found Monday. DesLauriers
also said “there are no known additional threats.”

* * *

In response to a reporter’s question, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said that there had been two
sweeps of the marathon route by bomb technicians before the blast, but
he noted that there is open access to the area.

* * *

Davis asked the public to send authorities any photos or video from
around the time of the blast, particularly in the area and particularly
just before and after the bombs exploded. “Those are going to be
critical,” he said.

* * *

Overnight, a wave of law enforcement officials swarmed a home in
Revere, looking at what the Revere Fire Department described as a
“person of interest,’’ but no arrests were reported this morning and
DesLauriers had no comment at the news conference on whether that had
led to progress in the investigation.

No arrests have been reported.

A spokesman for the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington said US
officials had informed them that the Saudi man who lived in the Revere
apartment along with at least two roommates was cooperating and was not a
suspect. The law enforcement official briefed on the investigation also
said he was not considered a suspect.

“He’s just a victim. He appears not to be involved,” said a different official.

No credible claim of credit for the bombing has been received. The craven coward who did this has not sought to claim credit. The Department of Homeland Security does not have evidence of a broader terrorist plot. DHS: No broader plot found. The fire at the John F. Kennedy Library was not an incendiary device, and was not related to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Watching the video replay of the bombing at the finish line yesterday, I was struck by the reaction of the participants. The marathoners were not going to be deterred from crosssing the finish line after having run more than 26 miles, they were determined to keep going and to cross the finish line. Some of them reportedly kept running more than an additional mile to Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood.

Security personnel, medical personnel, and Boston Marathon volunteers all ran towards the scene of the explosions to assist the injured, not knowing whether there were additional bombs to go off after two explosions in quick succession. Rushing to the scene of horrific injuries to assist the injured was a selfless act of bravery and compassion under uncertain circumstances. They are to be commended.

Remember the victims in your prayers.

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