Why you cannot appease economic terrorists


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Arizona congress critters Ron Barber and Kyrsten Sinema are targeted by the RNCC in 2014, and this has led them to accept some really bad advice from Democratic pols and consultants on how they need to position themselves on votes in the House.

This led Congressman Ron Barber to twice vote with the Republicans for a delay in the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act aka "ObamaCare," and to vote for a series of "mini-CR" funding bills for government agencies that the Tea-Publican economic terrorists did as political theater (it was never going to become law). Congressman Barber in his press releases explained that he did this to "keep the government open." Congresswoman Sinema did the same.

If they thought that voting with the Tea-Publican economic terrorists on these political theater bills would somehow insulate them from political attacks or give them political cover, they were naively mistaken. The billionaire bastard Koch brothers were always going to attack them anyway. Tea Party Group Begins Anti-Health Care Law Blitz in Four House Districts:

KochBrothersAmericans for Prosperity, the Tea Party group that has made rolling
back the health care law one of its priorities, is starting a $2 million
campaign of television, radio and Internet advertisements aimed at
lawmakers facing tough re-election battles in four House swing

The group, backed by the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles
and David Koch, is focusing on two Democrats — Representatives Ron
Barber of Arizona and Scott Peters of California — about the
problem-plagued rollout of the program’s online health insurance

And it is using the ads to thank two vulnerable Republicans —
Representatives Mike Coffman of Colorado and Steve Southerland of
Florida — for ‘’fighting back’’ and voting to repeal the law.

Americans for Prosperity has been spending millions in advertising in
an effort to repeal the health law. It is also working aggressively to
pressure state officials not to expand Medicaid, the government
insurance program for the poor.

“A.F.P. has been consistently fighting Obamacare on the airwaves and on
the ground since it passed,” said Tim Phillips, the group’s president.
“We’re sending a message that politicians will be held accountable when
they go against the will of the American people, and that we will
support them for doing the right thing.’’

You see, you voted with them on these bills, but these billionare bastards are still running attack ads against you claiming that you voted "against the will of the American people" as these Tea-Publican economic terrorists define it (their position is not supported in numerous opinion polls).

This demonstrates why you cannot appease economic terrorists. They are terrorists — you don't negotiate with someone who intends to kill you.

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