Yes, I’m Still Here


It’s now been five weeks since my last post. In the five plus years preceding that stretch, I wrote just over 750 posts, never going more than two weeks in between postings.

Who would have predicted a few years back there would come a time that ole Thucky would have more visibility here than I?

Well, to Steve, the Captain (now Censored, after AZBM terminated the Captain’s commenting privilege) and the precious few others who follow me, I will be back. For whatever reason, I’ve found precious little inspiration to write over the past month or so. After a few attempts to churn out a post just for the sake of continuity, I said “screw it” and focused more on my golf game. My social media time also has been cut way back.

Truth is, my sabbatical has been great. For those of you who spend substantial time posting, commenting, tweeting, or Facebooking, I highly recommend it. It’s not that the social media is unenjoyable. Rather, a change of habit and a return to other forms of relaxation can be refreshing.

Still, I love to write, so I will return.


  1. Bob, despite our sometimes heated disagreements from time to time over a few specifics (although I note that I generally find that I agree with the gist of your principal positions), I hope to see you writing here soon. Most blog posts are complete gibberish, and you present your positions well. I have too much free time and need more interesting readings. I suspect Trump will provide some “inspiration” for all of us at the appropriate time. Anyway, after successfully avoiding almost all work for 9 years, I can definitely tell you that sabbaticals of any kind have a great deal of merit.

  2. I was wondering about you, time to recharge is always a good idea.

    I appreciate your insights and experience, looking forward to your return when you’re ready.

  3. Thanks, all.

    It won’t be long now…. (said the monkey, as he got his tail caught in the lawn mower)

    See ya soon

  4. Hope you got some good improvement on your golf game. (Considering I’ve yet to hit a ball, it’s better than mine!)

  5. There is no controversy without you …… maybe you could start writing about why there are still chem-trails with the atheist muslim in the WH.

  6. Well, Bob, as the song says:

    “He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat, He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat,”

    I understand why it is difficult to find inspiration. It would be great if we were talking about how to implement progressive policies rather than how to keep our heads above water while Trump et al try to eradicate democracy and all forms of justice in this country.

    Looking forward to your return…

  7. Bob, I am glad to hear all is well with you. I noted your absence and was a little concerned something untoward had happened and am happy that wasn’t the case. You have been missed!

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