After the First Month of the New Year, the Political Stars Seem to be Finally Aligning…for President Joe Biden

From the Biden/Harris Campaign.

The new year, with the exception of the terrible events occurring in the Middle East, has been very kind, so far, to the Biden/Harris Campaign.

The President and his team have issued several social media posts on several of these events.

Below are a few samples.

On Mr. Trump wanting the economy to crash so President Biden can be branded Herbert Hoover, the current President has been quick and frequent in calling the Liar in Chief the current incarnation of their Great Depression predecessor, posting on social media:

After the release of the January jobs report, the President’s team posted this comparison of the jobs created in his first three years compared to the last four Republican Presidents.

On fourth-quarter economic growth, the President posted:

After receiving the endorsement of the United Auto Workers, the campaign team issued several postings, including:

On the latest round of student debt cancellation, the President posted:

On the surge of membership in the Affordable Care marketplaces, the President’s team posted this days before the enrollment deadline.

The political stars seem to be finally aligning for the Biden/Harris Campaign.

Let us see if the trend continues.

5 thoughts on “After the First Month of the New Year, the Political Stars Seem to be Finally Aligning…for President Joe Biden”

  1. Those aligning stars point to a 37% approval rating according to NBC. I guess most Americans have not feasted on BfA BS.

    • Here you go, folks, yet more proof that John “I Live on Government Funding Kavanagh” is only here to troll.

      No policy debate, nothing about the issues of the day, just a quick drive by “neeter-neeter-neeter” and an insult from Arizona’s own full grown two year old.

      The very thing he whines about us (mostly me) doing to him. SMH.

      I suppose we should start calling him John “I Am a Massive Hypocrite” Kavanagh.

      Remember John, when you vote for Convicted Rapist Donald John Trump, you’re voting for a loser.

      And Convicted Rapist. A loser rapist. Who’s been convicted of rape and that you’re voting for.

      You’re a class act, JGCK.


      • You have to remember Sharpie, JGCK is nothing more than a pathetic stooge* for those who are wealthier and smarter than he.

        *Apologies to Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp & Iggy’s band mates.

    • Well, Johnny, it is true that Joe’s approval rating is in the high 30s according to recent polls. But Joe’s rating has been consistently low for 2.5 years, usually around 40 percent, so this isn’t news.

      These popularity polls really don’t say how people will vote when they have to make a choice. People often have to vote for candidates they don’t like. What the polls are saying right now is that most Americans are not pleased with the Biden v Trump rematch, and rightfully so.

      I will say this about Trump. The amount of support that he’s getting from Republicans says something truly horrible about those people.

      As for Biden, maybe people look at him and see a very old and tired looking man, hardly the warrior needed for these times. Something is going on that we lack the data to analyze. Biden’s been fairly successful on the domestic front and his approval rating should be higher than 37%.

      So Biden is the Democratic anointed one this time around and they’re trying to sell him like in this BforA post. Even so, I’m sure the Democratic operatives are aware that Joe’s biggest advantage in this election is the nightmare envisioned by democratic voters if Trump should win. The democratic voters I am referring to are all those who value democracy and freedom. They are separate and distinct from anyone who would put Trump back in the WH.


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