Trump Indictment Leads His Supporters To Flood Social Media With Calls For Violence And Civil War

Update to Judge Michael Luttig: American Democracy Is Under Attack From Within, From The Republican Party. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou MAGA/QAnon Republicans attempted the first coup d’état in American history, and have been waging a slow-motion insurrection against the U.S. government ever since, trying … Read more

Democratic Senate Leader Mitzi Epstein Goes After Republican Inaction on Gun Safety Measures

In her second State of the Session address since becoming Democratic Senate Leader, Senator Mitzi Epstein (full disclosure: I am a member of her Legislative District 12) went after hypocrite Republicans for not working on gun safety legislation that could potentially prevent horrific school shootings like the recent one this week in Nashville that cost … Read more

Curb Gun Violence Against Children by Home Schooling?!

We are pathetic. Yes, all of us. We obviously don’t care enough about the carnage going on in our schools, our churches, our theaters, our grocery stores, our concerts, our workplaces, and myriad other places. If we cared enough, we would do something to curb gun violence. I’ll be the first to admit that I … Read more

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero Discusses Her Re-Election Campaign and Goals for a Second Term

It has been an eventful first term for Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. When she was not battling science denying Governor Doug Ducey and right-wing legislators over how to keep people safe during the height of the Coronavirus, Mayor Romero, with members of the City Council, pursued a progressive program, which included a Working Families Agenda, … Read more

Another State of the Union, Another Home Run for President Joe Biden

Saying “Let’s finish the job” and America is about “possibilities,” President Joe Biden hit another homerun delivering a passionate, magnanimous, optimistic, enthusiastic, and combative State of the Union address to Congress and the Amerian People this evening (February 7, 2023.) If there was any doubt that Joe Biden lacked the energy and competence to continue … Read more