Suzanne Droubie would bring her life’s experiences to the Pima County Assessor’s Office.

For all jobs, experience does matter. As a candidate for the Pima County Assessors Office, Suzanne Drouble has buckets of it. If she wins the nomination and general election in 2020, she would bring the wealth of her experience to benefit the people at the Pima County Assessors office. Well versed in the intricacies of … Read more

Jeanne Casteen wants to be a Maricopa County School Superintendent for Everyone

When Blog subscribers first read about Jeanne Casteen in May 2019, she was starting her Primary Campaign to be the Democratic nominee for the Maricopa County School Superintendent post. Since then, her primary opponent, Jennifer Samuels, has withdrawn her candidacy allowing Democrats to flock to Ms. Casteen as she starts her 2020 general election campaign. … Read more

Billy Peard Discusses his Progressive Vision for Arizona Legislative District Two

Arizona Legislative District (LD) Two, an area that includes most of the I-19 corridor from Tucson to Nogales, has been a predominantly blue district in recent memory. It will likely remain so after the 2020 elections. The question for the residents in LD Two is which Democrats will serve in the State House. There are … Read more

Shea Stanfield wants to restore the Arizona Corporation Commission as the Instrument of the People

The People who created the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) almost 110 years ago did so at the height of the Age of Reform and the Progressive Movement. The Commission, designed to make sure utility companies, the rail lines, securities, and pipelines were well maintained and regulated, was meant to be an instrument of the people … Read more

Paul Stapleton-Smith wants to bring Labor’s Perspective to the Arizona State Legislature

The Retirement of Senate Democratic Leader David Bradley has created a chain reaction for Democrats in the Tucson centered Arizona Legislative District (LD) Ten. Democratic State House Incumbent Kirsten Engel has announced her candidacy to succeed Bradley in the State Senate. That leaves the other Democratic Incumbent Domingo DeGrazia, Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, and Paul Stapleton-Smith … Read more