It is getting hard keeping up with the treasonous activities and sheer lunacy of elected Arizona Republicans.

Every day, there seems to be an article about an Arizona Republican (either Kelli Ward, Kelly Townsend, Mark Finchem, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs)  who was instrumental in encouraging the January 6, 2021, Trumpist Domestic Terrorist Insurrection at the Nation’s Capitol.


Then there are the Republicans (Shawna Bolick and John Kavanagh) who want people to publicly testify at committee hearings instead of giving them the option of appearing virtually.

There is Walter Blackman, who as AZ Blue Meanie and other media outlets have noted, wants to criminalize abortion on both the woman and the attending physician.

Then there are the science deniers like Ms. Townsend who puts personal freedom over the safety of wearing masks to ward off the spread of the Coronavirus.

Finally, there is Wendy Rogers, the former Airforce Pilot and poster child for the ultra fringe right who has just been accused of workplace harassment by one of her legislative aides in the State Senate.

Readers may begin to wonder if the only sane Republicans in Arizona public circles are the three (Cindy McCain, Doug Ducey, and Jeff Flake) who were been censured at the January 23, 2021, State Party Convention.

Legislative District (LD) Six State Senator Rogers has already made a reputation for herself in the Legislature. Before being sworn in, this Trump Zone resident who is no stranger to controversy or right-wing fringe fantasy groups came to everyone’s attention with her remarks that:

As reported by both the Arizona Capitol Times and AZ Central, Rogers has been accused of workplace harassment by Michael Pollini, a now-former legislative aid.

Pollini has filed an ethics complaint with the State Senate Ethics Committee.

According to Laurie Roberts of AZ Central, that is a new speed record for an ethics complaint against a State Legislator.

According to the news accounts, Pollini recounted that Rogers:

  • Told him to lose weight so he would look better to her.
  • Did not believe he was sick with COVID 19 when he had to stay home suffering from the illness and questioned his work ethic.
  • Wanted him to do campaign work for her (which is illegal for a legislative assistant,) telling him “We’re at war.” That sentence alone should say it all to readers who question the mental stability of the LD Six State Senator.
  • Made insensitive and inappropriate comments about his relatives, including questioning his sister’s sexual orientation.
  • Had his personal belongings cleared from his desk without his consent while he was gone because the Senator considered the items “clutter” and “junk.”
  • Yelled and berated him in a closed office setting without allowing for any requested witnesses. According to Pollini, Rogers nearly broke his fingers when she shut the door to her office.

Laurie Roberts may be on point when she wrote “I miss Sen. Sylvia Allen.”

This is  the same Sylvia Allen who thinks:

  • The unemployed do not need help.
  • Sex Education is bad.
  • The Earth is approximately 6,000 years old.

Wendy Rogers is viewed so extreme in mainstream circles that right-wing fringe figure Sylvia Allen is now considered a sweet voice of reason.

Hopefully, the members of the Senate Ethics Committee will see swiftly act on the Pollini ethics complaint and expel Rogers before she can do more damage to legislative staff, the legislature, innocent people, and the state.