Green Party Success in Arizona!


Just 35 short days after my esteemed colleague, AZ BlueMeanie, declared the Green Party Fail in Arizona, and explained:

For all of you who have been posting comments that you will vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party in November, too bad for you!

Our friendly rival blog, Three Sonorans, now is telling us:

Jill Stein will be on Arizona ballot!

So, it appears those crazy comment posters will get to vote for their choice for President in the country that calls itself a democracy. Imagine that?

Ironically, that BlueMeanie post devolved into quite the name calling fest. It inspired a comment from Liza that inspired this post from me: A Troll Speaks Out.

Captain Arizona was quite perturbed at the BlueMeanie:


so now I am stuck with dope smoker gary johnson or sociopath donald trump great. and no donna gatehouse I will not be voting for war criminal hillary clinton.

Well, despair not, Captain. You and Liza can vote Green in November.

And be scolded for doing so.


  1. After reading how much Bob Lord loves the Green Party, I encouraged my friend in Colorado, Gary Swing, to file this afternoon for the Green Party nomination as a write-in both for U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative in District 2, currently represented by Martha McSally.

    Since an unopposed Green Party write-in candidate needs only one vote to win the primary, Gary Swing will be running against Sen. McCain and Rep. Kirkpatrick. *And* he will be running against Rep. McSally and her Democratic opponent.

    Since Bob Lord is so excited to have Jill Stein running, I’m sure he’ll want to write another “Green Party Success!” post about Gary Swing as soon as possible.

    If people like him don’t think Hillary Clinton is good enough for him to vote for, and she is more progressive than Ann Kirkpatrick — who’s running mostly, on the basis of her ads, on the right-wing idea of term limits for members of Congress — there’s no reason for people like Bob for vote for Kirkpatrick, either.

    One thing’s for certain: Gary Swing is sure to appeal to Swing voters.


    • You seem to have this idea that there’s a pretty little continuum and every pol falls somewhere on it, such that one is always definitively more or less “progressive” than another, with traits like integrity and honesty counting not at all. I see things differently.

      Ann Kirkpatrick is a friend of mine. I disagree with her on things and I’ve called her out once or twice on these pages, but I fully support her. Her views are more conservative than mine, far more, but she comes by it honestly. And she’s actually cast some fairly courageous, progressive votes. Were there a legitimate Green Party candidate in the race, I’d consider him/her, but it sounds like your friend is making mischief and nothing more. I’d call his conduct, and yours, childish. I support Ann and would encourage anyone reading this comment to do the same.

  2. Screw it, GOTeaP scam or not, I really, really feel the need to vote my conscience, I’ll vote Dem all the way down-ticket, but I’m going to vote for Dr. Stein at the top.

    First person that tells me I’m actually voting for Trump can explain to me why I am responsible for Trump and Hillary, because I’ll direct them to the nearest mirror.

    Please, Hillary supporters, find another way to get out the vote, feel good about your vote and I’ll feel good about mine.

  3. Here’s a list of the people who won presidential elections who I did NOT vote for:
    Richard Nixon
    Ronald Reagan
    George HW Bush
    Bill Clinton
    George W Bush

    C’est la vie…

  4. I’m a Green Party write-in candidate for Congress in District 8 (Trent Franks), and while I’m glad that Arizonans have Jill Stein on the ballot, I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President, as I have all along, and will vote for her in November.

    If this were a normal election year and Arizona would be safely in the Republican column for President, I might vote for Jill Stein, but this is not a normal election year. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and is totally unacceptable in a way that previous GOP candidates were not, so much so that even Arizona Republicans like Jeff Flake cannot endorse him.

    Moreover, Hillary Clinton does stand a chance to win Arizona. In Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight rankings, Arizona seems to be the closest state in the nation.

    I lived in Florida in 2000 and remember how the votes for Ralph Nader on the Green Party which might have gone for Al Gore turned the state’s electoral votes, and the Presidency, to George W. Bush. Many American progressive voters remember that.

    Unfortunately, in our electoral system, only two people have a chance to be elected President this year. One of them is Donald Trump. The other is Hillary Clinton, who is a well-qualified liberal Democrat.

    A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Donald Trump.

    I’m with Hillary Clinton.

    In recent years, I’ve avoided social media and making comments on blogs. But I am registering with the Federal Election Commission a political action committee called “Greens for Hillary.”

    Thanks to AZBlue Meanie and the other Democrats, liberals, progressives, and moderates in Arizona who will be doing their best to prevent the election of Donald Trump.

    The rest of you can go fuck yourselves.

  5. Woohoo! Maybe this lightweight will crack1% this election. You purists are so comical.

  6. great news for bernie supporters like me. also ms reagan got a lot of pressure from republicans too!

  7. When Dr. Jill Stein was here in Tucson in March at the YMCA, she said that the Bernie supporters would have to look for an alternative once he loses his bid for the Dem nomination. And she is now obviously one of those choices in Arizona and elsewhere. Dr. Stein’s website:,

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