Kirkpatrick & Heinz Lead in CD2 Congress Fundraising, Marquez-Peterson Catching Up

Top row: Ann Kirkpatrick, Mary Matiella, Bruce Wheeler Bottom row: Bill Kovacs, Barbara Sherry, Matt Heinz
Top row: Ann Kirkpatrick, Mary Matiella, Bruce Wheeler — Bottom row: Billy Kovacs, Barbara Sherry, Matt Heinz

In the race for Congress in Tucson’s Congressional District 2, once again the top Democratic fundraisers were Ann Kirkpatrick and Matt Heinz, with Republican opponent Lea Marquez-Peterson catching up fast. The three also have the most cash on hand (see chart farther below).

The Democrats will speak at a CD2 Candidate Forum Thursday starting at 6:30 pm at Tucson High Magnet School, 400 N 2nd Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705.

Total campaign contributions

Name Total Receipts
Ann Kirkpatrick (D)  $ 1,755,795.57
Matt Heinz (D)  $    853,588.68
Lea Marquez Peterson (R)  $    707,289.85
Mary Sally Matiella (D)  $    256,723.88
Billy Kovacs (D)  $       71,922.37
Yahya Yuksel (D)  $       43,110.78
Brandon Ray Martin (R)  $       24,225.69
Bruce Wheeler (D)  $       21,344.76
Casey Welch (R)  $       14,196.70
Barbara Sherry (D)  $         6,815.77
Danny Morales (R)  $         6,364.60
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Money matters

Of course money doesn’t equal votes in the August 28 primary. For example, Heinz has contributed $375,338 to his own campaign. Kirkpatrick got $322,516 from PACs, way more than any other candidate.

However, money brings the ability to get name recognition. Donations pay for TV ads, websites, postcard mailings, yard signs, bumper stickers, hand cards, travel, T-shirts, print advertising, and water and food for canvassers — all the elements of a successful political campaign. A simple postcard mailing can cost $10,000 in printing and distribution.

Financial donations also demonstrate commitment. It’s easy for a person to say they support a candidate, but it’s much more valuable to send a check to a candidate.

Cash on hand

Several of the campaigns are essentially broke: Brandon Ray Martin (R), Casey Welch (R), Barbara Sherry (D) and Danny Morales (R). Billy Kovacs (D) has only $12,738.79 to spend and Bruce Wheeler (D) has $10,376.99 on hand.

Name Cash on hand
Ann Kirkpatrick (D)  $     836,927.67
Matt Heinz (D)  $     493,797.08
Lea Marquez Peterson (R)  $     509,067.94
Mary Sally Matiella (D)  $       66,978.60
Billy Kovacs (D)  $       12,738.79
Yahya Yuksel (D)  $       12,703.11
Bruce Wheeler (D)  $       10,376.99
Brandon Ray Martin (R)  $         1,524.39
Danny Morales (R)  $             318.56
Casey Welch (R)  $             200.00
Barbara Sherry (D)  $               54.89

Disgraced candidate Yahya Yuksel (D) has $12,703.11 on hand, which his campaign managers told remaining supporters he may spend on a crisis management consultant. Read Accused Rapist Yahya Yuksel Must Drop Out Now.


  1. Democrats should NOT being going this negative in the primary. The TV ads are as disgusting as the crap being run against Garcia. I guess the messages have to be scare the hell out of idiot voters with gangs and Willie Horton types stuff

  2. Ann Kirkpatrick and Matt Heinz are already campaigning against each other and both have gone negative.

    I received a mailer yesterday from Ms. Kirkpatrick in which she states:

    “Matt Heinz voted with the NRA to cut regulations on high-capacity magazines (in Arizona). And he failed to show up to vote on a bill that would have allowed local governments to destroy illegal guns seized from criminals.”

    I presume Ms. Kirkpatrick is attempting to get in front of what she may believe is her biggest weakness with CD2 Democrats, her history as an NRA supporter.

    • Here’s another one. Ann Kirkpatrick voted for the ACA (Obamacare), and she’s using that in one of her TV ads. Fair enough. Here’s Matt Heinz:

    • Well, the numbers clearly indicate that only two of the CD2 candidates have the funds (regardless of the source) to bankroll “all the elements of a successful political campaign.”

      And those two have already started campaigning against each other.

      I have mixed feelings about this. First, it is what it is. Campaigns cost a lot of money even when they are run on a shoestring. So, Ann Kirkpatrick and Matt Heinz have every reason to move forward as though this is a two way race. Totally understandable.

      I’m just wondering why this has turned negative so quickly.

      I’m not going to attend the candidate forum tomorrow. Maybe someone could ask this question.

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