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Gordon Promises to Oust Secretary of State and End Voter Suppression

Mark Robert Gordon, an Arizona native, has 25 years of experience as a voting rights watchdog.

Mark Robert Gordon, an Arizona native, has 25 years of experience as a voting rights watchdog.

Mark Robert Gordon, a Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, vowed to end the voter suppression tactics and partisan politics that have infected the office that serves as the chief elections officer for Arizona.

He called Republican incumbent Secretary of State Michele Reagan “a Grinch who stole democracy,” at the recent Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting.

Reagan and GOP legislators “are supposed to promote democracy and protect the vote. They did just the opposite,” he said. “The people we have in Arizona running our election system are among the worst violators and offenders of voting rights in the country.”

Arizona was one of only seven states listed in federal court for intentionally restricting the opportunity to register and vote. Under the Voting Rights Act, the state was subject to pre-clearance by the Justice Department before making any voting changes.


But that went out the window with the 2013 US Supreme Court ruling in Shelby County v. Holder that gutted the Voting Rights Act. Gordon said that since then, the following travesties have happened:
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Clinton, Trump, and Stein in early leads in Arizona PPE

Unofficial results from the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE) from Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s website: http://apps.azsos.gov/election/2016/PPE/Results/PPE2016Results.htm. Only top two vote getters are being reported.

Democratic Party:         Hillary Clinton  58%      Bernie Sanders  40%

Republican Party:   Donald Trump  47%    Ted Cruz  25%

Green Party:   Jill Stein  81%      Kent Mesplay  19%

Percentage of Arizona registered voters who voted: not reported as yet.

Stay tuned for updates, by clicking on the hyperlink provided above.

Pima County returns (CD 1, CD 2, CD3) here: https://www.electionwareresults.com/webResults/summary-138.html

Independents can’t vote in Arizona Presidential Preference Election on March 22

Information flyers below from  former ACLU Southern AZ  board member Paul Barby, about the upcoming PPE on March 22, 2016 in Arizona.  Take heed Independents (now listed at 1,201,030 registered voters on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website).  You can vote in the Democratic, Green, or Republican primaries if you register for that party by Feb. 22, 2016 before midnight.

For a list of who is on the ballot in Arizona for U.S. President: http://www.azsos.gov/elections/voting-election/election-information (14 Republicans, 6 Democrats, 2 Greens). Stay tuned for the results tonight from the Iowa Caucuses on this Presidential race – the first of many (plus primaries)  to determine who the nominees  from each party will be.

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AZ Lege poor bashes with Clean Elections bill

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It looks like the GOP majority in the AZ Legislature has figured out what the real “dark money” problem in our state is. Apparently, it’s with the $5 qualifying contributions to Clean Elections candidates made in cash. Lord only knows where that money has been! Continue reading

Maybe try having him in dreads and tie-dye next time

Oh my heavens, the Intellectual Conservative blog has SHOCKING HIDDEN CAMERA FOOTAGE of a nefarious fiend stealing Republican candidates signs!!

Unbelievable. We’ve been told the thief will be prosecuted and has been given a court date. The signs were posted on private property with the consent of the owner. Was the thief a Democrat operative? Or someone connected to one of the opposing candidates?

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How do you like your Hobby Lobby now, Doug Ducey and other GOP candidates?

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Per Ian Millhiser:

Citing Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court’s decision last June holding that the religious objections of a business’ owners could trump federal rules requiring that business to include birth control coverage in its health plan, a federal judge in Utah held last week that a member of a polygamist religious sect could refuse to testify in a federal investigation into alleged violations of child labor laws because he objects to testifying on religious grounds…

…The federal child labor investigation arose from a CNN report investigating claims that Jeffs “ordered all schools closed for a week so children could go to work picking pecans off trees at a private ranch” in Utah. The report included video of “hundreds of children, many of them very small” working on the ranch. When the reporters arrived, CNN also caught video of the FLDS children fleeing the cameras.

Yet, according to an order signed by Judge David Sam, a Reagan appointee to a trial court in Utah, the federal officials investigating this alleged violation of child labor laws will not be able to require an FLDS member named Vernon Steed to provide information that could aid the investigation because Steed objects to giving certain testimony on religious grounds. Steed claims that he’s made “religious vows ‘not to discuss matters related to the internal affairs or organization of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.’” According to Judge Sam’s opinion, that’s enough to exempt him from providing the testimony he does not want to give.

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