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Sanders supporters continue to make the incredible claim that Clinton “stole” Arizona primary

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Did voter suppression happen yesterday? Yes. Was it a conspiracy? Probably not.

I saw this graphic on Twitter last night, which is the apotheosis of dumbness:

All the dumbness. All of it

The DNC (and for that matter the RNC, and for that further matter any and all of the individual Presidential campaigns currently still running in the primary) has literally nothing to do with any of litany of charges made in that graphic.

Elections in Arizona are overseen by the Secretary of State, one Michele Reagan, a Republican. They are executed by the counties. The largest county in Arizona is Maricopa, whose County Recorder is one Helen Purcell, also a Republican. I promise you that neither of these officials are taking any cues from the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton.

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When DOES a woman win an election?

I really thought it would be when Hillary Clinton won the South Carolina Democratic Presidential primary by nearly 50 points, but no.

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