Two Forums Today on Prop. 123

The Pima County Interfaith Civic Education Organization will host a debate about Proposition 123 TODAY at St. Odilia Catholic Church parish hall, 7570 N. Paseo del Norte, Oro Valley.  The debate starts at 3 p.m. and will run until 4:30 p.m.

education_apple“The Debate on Prop. 123” on Saturday will feature four speakers—two arguing for the passing of Prop. 123, and two against it. Phoenix natives J.P. Twist, Let’s Vote Yes Prop. 123 chairman, and Andrew Morrill, Arizona Education Association president, will argue in support of Prop. 123, while Tucson natives Morgan Abraham, No Prop. 123 chairman, and Brian Clymer, a local attorney, will argue against it. Free and open to the public.

Also starting at 3:00 p.m. TODAY, the Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area is hosting a forum on Prop. 123 at the DCSRA Headquarters (upstairs conference room #248), Continental Shopping Plaza, 240 W. Continental Road (exit 63), Green Valley.

Panelists include state Senator Steve Farley, Continental School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Hagerman, Tucson Weekly columnist David Safier, and Andrew Gardner, treasurer of the No Prop. 123 committee. The forum will be moderated by DCSRA’s Bill Maki. Free and open to the public.

The forum will be followed by a wine and cheese reception where attendees have the opportunity to visit with the panelists.

The League of Women Voters of Arizona opposes Prop. 123.

Here are the ARGUMENTS FILED AGAINST PROPOSITION 123 that will appear in the special election voter guide from the Secretary of State’s office.

Here are 7 REASONS TO OPPOSE PROP 123 from

FACT CHECK:   No requirement that Prop. 123 money go ‘directly’ to classrooms.

Finally, my post about the op-ed from Phoenix attorney Dianne Post opposing Prop. 123, published by the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required). Why you should vote no on Prop. 123, then kick every lawless Tea-Publican out of office.

4 responses to “Two Forums Today on Prop. 123

  1. Tamar Kreiswirth

    There is a new YouTube post urging people to vote NO on Prop 123
    Check it out:

  2. For Sure Not Tom

    The yes on 123 commercials are everywhere and are very misleading.

    The AZ GOTeaP is a scam.

    • Carolyn Classen

      Yes, and the “Yes on 123” signs are popping up around town. We also got a phone call asking us to vote in favor of it already too. We hear that Yes committee has $3 million to spend on it, before May 17.

  3. Carolyn Classen

    Best info on the upcoming forums on Facebook: